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The Organization Story


RAC as a non-profit organisation was formed a mean to support the less privileged in the society. This organisation came as a long term vision of the founder who is dedicated to helping and improving the lives of others both young and old. RAC believes that everyone deserves better regardless the circumstance they find themselves in. The lives of everyone matter hence we are determined to play a role in it.

RAC is fully aimed at creating a space which would not focus solely donations but seek to develop young individual in areas of care services.

The RAC team in their own way have been engaged in the area of charity by raising funds, sending donations to orphanage homes and creating opportunities for individuals and groups. However, being aware of the difficulty to having to access various everyday needs, we have taken upon ourselves to make these needs available to all in our own small way. RAC as charitable  organization is affiliated to Rising Angels Care Homes and seeks to also sponsor and support the aged with dementia and other care needs.

   Our Vision


Our vision is to build a fully funded support system to help provide for individuals and the less privileged in the areas of care and health services across the nation.

   Our Mission


To inspire, bring hope and put smiles on faces by creating a safe space focused on giving and providing the needed care that everyone deserves

RAC looks to put gather the activities of donations and home care services to serve people better. These we know would lighten up the spirits of people and build up their hope that we have them  at heart.

Help today because tomorrow you may be the one who needs helping!